Saturday, November 9, 2013

Winter in the Works.

We can't help but still be hung-up on Autumn, soaking in the comforting aromas and inspiring colors. But, we have managed to make time preparing for winter and getting in the mode for everything Christmasy and cheerful.

This is a peek of the types of wearables you can expect from Thread Bears® this upcoming winter season. Chunky or aran knits, multitudes of cables, and cheerful colors are in the works! Rhonda Potteet had made this Pomegranate-hued, Pompom Cabled Cap for her daughter to get into Winter-mode.

We'll keep you posted for when you can expect knits like these, along with festive home d├ęcor and one of a kind thread crocheted bears from Thread Bears®. If you would like to view Rhonda's other Autumn creations, you may do so here.


  1. She's so adorable. The hat is beautiful too :)

  2. Thank you, Jane! We are thankful to have our little models for the wearables! :)