Friday, February 10, 2012

If you stand in an upright position, you will see over the garbage.

We're sure that Debbie is on here again, publicly complaining, because she recently had posts deleted for trademark infringement on her blog. As she had stated in a message to us: "Nobody is using Thread Bears any more and it's all yours." However, she has had items removed for infringement--not used by mistake--because she already knows that this is a registered trademark. She has claimed that we do business "unethically," yet she continues to give misinformation at our place of business.

Debbie, you can't speak on our behalf because you were not involved in the beginning.  You don't know how long we were permitted to use "thread bears" before we had legally acquired it. Unlike some who use it by "mistake"--we didn't make excuses or try to defend ourselves, or even try to publicly slander the owners when it was brought to our attention. Since we do business in an upright manner, we fixed our mistake in the legal, ethical way. We went to the source with good intentions.

Debbie, you have not only used it for years without our permission, but you have also encouraged others to use it--along with the encouragement from Bobbie and Berta. You and your friends promote abuse, then when products are removed for infringement, you drum up anger against us for policing it. And it's really odd that Bobbie and Berta encourage others to use it, then turn them in to the US Patent and Trademark Office as needing to be policed. Hmm... This info ofthem turning in "unpoliced" can be verified with the following link, beginning on page #240:

Most people who are notified of the infringement are given an opportunity to change it. This policing situation is extremely exaggerated. People are always able to re-sell an item in compliance--unless they simply refuse to stop using the trademark--such as our worst violator.

Now, Debbie, just because we try to protect what is legally and rightfully ours--it doesn't mean that we don't have forgiveness... though I'm sure it exceeds "seventy times seven times." And we still continue to forgive.  As you can see, we follow Trademark Law and don't knowingly use other's trademarks. Since we do upright business, this shows that we try to live our lives in ways that would be most pleasing to our Lord.