Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Section 1, Contest I

Section 1 ANSWERS:
    If you didn't get an email from us this week, you didn't win this section--sorry!
Bobbie was court order to not do paperwork. The dates show Bobbie continued anyways...

Bobbie made these statements publically on online groups, not on a private blog as falsely stated in her paperwork (Post 2).

To our readers consider this: what are the odds of this person having 2 European friends doing opposing paperwork for the same 6 1/2 years?

Post 1
(This is a Board Order from the Trademark Office)
TIP: Berta Hesen-Minten is the "Opposer"

Post 2
(an email communication from us to the "Plaintiff" a.k.a Berta)

Post 3
 Post 4


Saturday, June 15, 2013

This person which we are going to use as the example for the contest... we don't understand why this person had such an interest in attacking us.  With us acquiring our trademarks, it doesn't affect her in any way.  She has no basis for being involved in our business.

We only want the discrepancies that are evident in these postings.

You may click on each picture to enlarge.



The highlighted sections show these discrepancies:

  • Post 1-Bobbie is appalled by the use of a "well-known name to hype one's own goods," and that it's wrong for someone to say "Like Mimzy,"  then she justifies people using "thread bears" in post 2.

  • Post 2-Bobbie says that she is not placing herself in the middle of our business, that she is not in any way hindering our business. However, her words show otherwise in Posts 2 and 3.

  • Post 2-Bobbie tells us that she does not assume the role of speaking for us. However, she tells everyone to contact her off list for any and all information in Post 3. 

Requirements to win:
The contest will run for 6 weeks.
Each week we will post a section of the contest. 
The person who gives the MOST correct answers that week will win for that week.  The person who has the most weekly winnings throughout the 6 weeks will win the prize!!!!
Each section will include two posts made by the same person, unedited and unchanged.
You are required to email us your answers of the discrepancies in each section.  Each section has a specified due date.
We will announce the winner at the end of the due date for each week. If you so choose to remain anonymous, please let us know in your submissions!
Answers must be submitted via email ONLY to threadbears[at]
We do still welcome comments, but any answers given in the comments section will not be counted.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Zinger!

It's official, we are having a contest!! No purchase necessary, and you're not even required to follow our blog! All you have to do is participate. So, why would we be giving away an amazing, handmade collectible for a prize??

Well... we just want you to know the truth. That's all. Throughout the years, many people have been allowed to give their opinions on our business.  And, as soon as we have posted our side of the story with links to credible resources, our information has been removed.  It is because many people (Berta's friends) have not wanted the truth out there.  So, we are using this contest as a lighthearted way to encourage people to seek the truth.

We haven't given up on the contest, for those of you that have been waiting.  We've been waiting for Bobbie Ripperger to clear up her mess.  She has mislead and lied to many people throughout the years. She knows that we still own Thread Bears®, and she knows that our disclaimer had nothing to do with that separate registration, just with the one we were applying for. Since we have put her on the spot to tell what she knows, Boisterous Bobbie has turned least, publically.
We know she is still involved, still lying.  It's communications such as this that show that people follow Bobbie's misunderstandings, and it shows that they don't stand up for what's right.
An artist who was notified of Trademark Infringement:

Our response...

So, in this contest, we will be putting out a new section every week, for a series of weeks.  Each week, a portion of the contest will be revealed that you will need to respond to. Nothing is made up or changed.  It will be words from the person's own mouth--or fingers, rather. We are using their own words to show what they've done. We will give all of the contest information in the upcoming posts, so check back!
P.S. Berta, have you checked with your lawyer to see if you can infringe on our mark? Still waiting to see that letter...