Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We "felt" the need to post!

Felting? Fulling? Who really cares what it is called?
Tuh-mey-toh, tuh-mah-toh
Whatever you wanna call it, we are pleased with the results! 
The technique widely known as "felting," is a process of basically making wool thicker, softer, fluffier, more durable, and more solidified. Since last summer, we have experimented with MANY ways to full our products. Unlike needle felting or wet felting, fulled crocheted/knitted bears aren't a commonly offered product. So, since we are always trying to create new characteristics and ideas for our creatures, we decided to full/felt some of our furry friends.
Now, from our experience, there is no exact science that makes each product turn out a certain way. Take into consideration that many variables contribute to different outcomes. Felting/fulling has these basic variables: moisture, temperature, and agitation. Though it may seem simple enough, a certain brand of soap or slightly-off water temperature will give you different results, and many types of wool felt up differently.
Of course, we couldn't just felt/full up a bear and offer it for sale. We have also mastered techniques for dyeing our own wool to give an even more unique look. It's this attention to detail that sets our products apart from the rest. Another great detail of these fulled items is that they are still considered miniature-sized, but don't lose any of the detailing or characteristics. Below is just a few of our fulled bears. Keep an eye out for when these items and more are available!